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Tibet Art Now 2.0 , Adjust Traditions to new realities,

The NOMADS ART AGENCY, Amsterdam. August-2015.


A Perfect Judgment

Within this greyish complex cosmic shaded life, whether a human or another planetary being weights and screens one’s action, the essence of the judgment must positively leverage on the subject’s positive intention.  


Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 24 x 36 inches

TRANSCENDING TIBET: Contemporary Tibetan Art exhibition,

Rough Space Chelsea, Trace Foundation, New York. April-2015.



Consciousness is awareness of your body and your environment; self-awareness is recognition of that consciousness—not only understanding that you exist but further comprehending that you are aware of your existence.


Medium: Acrylic on plywood, Size: 15 x 30 inches


Trace Foundation, New York. November-2014.


I miss you:

Naturally, each and everybody who is far from their parents are missing them a lot. only when they are far from their parents they will come to know really how their parents love, take care of them, pamper them, how affection they have. when you read about your parents specially about your mother your eyes start watering, your throat blocks, you will not know what to do. this is called love, care, affection.


Medium: Acrylic on canvas, size 24 X 36 inches


Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, state university of New york

at New Paltz. July-2013


Spiritual mind & Modern Technology:

This is important because modern science, technology, and material development cannot solve all our problems. We need to combine our material development with the inner development of such human spirtual mind values as compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, contentment and self-discipline.


Medium: Acrylic on canvas, Size: 72 x 48 inches

IN-BETWEEN:, Events at Rossi & Rossi during Asian Art in London,




Secure and protective circle is also called a 'refugee'. In this regard, the baby is a refugee, and his refuge is his mother's womb till he comes out to this cruel world. Another interpretation would be the mother finding refuge from the reality of the death of her son in a make-believe world.


Medium: Acrylic on canvas, Size: 24 x 24 inches


Tibet House US, New York.  September-2011.



Journey of Life

The puzzling journey of life is a collage of magic and mystery. All sentient being has the same and equal potential to pair-up a perfect conscience of the ultimate pathway.


Medium: Acrylic on canvas, Size: 18 x 24 inches


Tibet House US, New York.  July-2008



She called herself an angel, and wandered the world from girlhood till death. She lived every kind of life and dreamt every kind of dream. She was wild in her wandering, a drop of free water. She believed only.


Medium: Acrylic on canvas, Size: 20 x 36 inches


Bihl Haus Arts Gallery, San Antonio, Texas.  March-2006


Life of Balance:

Wealth does not mean a person who owns a lot, but refers to someone who has enough time to enjoy what nature and human collaboration place within everyone’s reach. If the great majority of people could understand this basic notion, if they could be liberated from the competitive illusion that is impoverishing everyone’s life.


Medium: Acrylic on canvas, Size: 18 x 30 inches


Galerie &

Skulpturenpark Groeneveld Almelo. Netherlands  April-2002



I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience.


Medium: Acrylic on canvas, Size: 20 x 30 inches

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